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TX-1 SE Agonizer


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This is a like new pedal that was made in 2004 by Metasonix, serial #86 of only 100 made.

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The Agonizer is basically two vacuum tubes and a neon lamp, plus a fairly complex power supply. There is nothing else in the box. Indeed, there is NO ROOM left in the box for more モfeaturesヤ that tiny taxpayers love to ask for, yet rarely use. Things such as a MIDI interface or digital-audio interfaces. Not only is it specious and asinine to ask for such things, they simply can't be wedged inside anyway. If you want 5.1-channel digital surround sound, try wedging a major- brand receiver up your bunghole instead. Then you can feel the truly fundamental joy of surround. Ow ow ow.

The first tube is just a 12AU6 pentode used as a high-gain preamp. Gives lots of gain, to make those damn scum-sucking guitarists happy. Guitar twangers are the major market for モstomp boxヤ effects devices, so we cater to them-slightly. Doesn't mean we can't insult and belittle them along the way.

What does a 12AU6 preamp sound like? It sounds like a 12AX7, only better. B-E-T-T-E-R. It's an NOS tube, because NOBODY makes it anymore. Nobody ever will again. But we can buy thousands of 12AU6s, because nobody wants them. That's because most guitarists are so damn STUPID that they cannot conceive of using a tube other than a 12AX7.
The LEVEL control sets the input level to the 12AU6.
The 12AU6 output is a very hot signal. It drives a very special circuit, made from a 13Z10. This is a tube from 1965 that was intended for use as the sound decoder in low-cost TV sets. It's a very strange device, extremely nonlinear and not capable of high-fidelity sound quality, unless you're using it as an FM detector (and even then, its performace is a bit questionable).

We use it because Eric, our designer, is SMARTER than 99.99% of guitar amp technicians. He knows things about tubes that guys like Gerald Weber and Dan Torres will ABSOLUTELY never comprehend. And because Eric is far, far more twisted and psychotic than the average amp tech. Gee, he really seems to hate guitarists, it's somewhat noticeable.

Our circuit uses the horrible beam modulator section of the 13Z10 to モamplifyヤ the signal, sort of. The pentode in the 13Z10 is used as a control device to set the electrode voltage on the beam modulator. The POUND knob sets this voltage. (In case you don't know what モCVヤ means, monkeyboy, it's a control voltage input which effects the beam voltage in parallel with the POUND knob. It's for use with analog synthesizers, and it's NOT a simulated vagina.) The beam modulator has a neon lamp on the anode, whose effect is controlled by the STRANGLE knob. Neon lamps are awful things if you put high-voltage audio signals across them-they introduce a distinctive and highly unpleasant distortion. (News flash: The lamp may or may NOT light while working, it depends on the settings.) Finally, there is a feedback loop which makes the beam modulator unstable, controlled by the GRIND knob. The output of the Agonizer comes straight off the beam modulator, so it's a VERY hot signal. It also canNOT drive a low impedance input, such as found on many solid-state devices. The device driven should have an input impedance of 100k ohms or greater, and must be able to handle a peak signal of 40v or more. Ignore this warning AT YOUR PERIL. USE AN INPUT PAD CONTROL. (Or don't, we don't give a flying rat's ass if you destroy your mixing console.)

The SPECIAL EDITION version now has a モSUCKBASSヤ switch. It activates a highpass filter, to suck all the bass out of your モbeautiful musicヤ. Heh heh heh.

NOTE: The Agonizer is great for driving the bloody hell out of a tube guitar amp, but don't whine at US if it blows your speaker's cone across the room.... Also, do us a favor: DON'T WHINE AT US THAT IT HUMS. WE DON'T CARE TO HEAR ABOUT HOW DISTURBING THE HUM IS TO YOUR HOLINESS. IT HUMS BECAUSE IT'S UNSTABLE. (And because you're trying to use it with a high-gain guitar amp, which IS NOT RECOMMENDED!!! Use the Agonizer into a line-level mixer or amp, please. Plug it into a guitar amp AT YOUR OWN RISK.)

Because of the construction techniques required, the Agonizer cannot be kicked around like a fuzzbox. You WILL BREAK A TUBE if you kick it around. And thereafter, we will kick YOU around, shortly after charging you a large amount of money to fix the damn thing. The Agonizer is for the DISCIPLINED, intelligent, non-risk-averse musician. It is NOT SUITABLE for drunken/stoned bozos who play dude-guitar in Creed cover bands. Dude! MAN! Like, it SUCKS, right? (Getting the damn PICTURE yet??)

First you must attach the AC adapter to the jack on the rear. Imbecile geetar-dudes frequently plug the WRONG adapter into our products. You CANNOT use just any other adapter. Use the one that CAME WITH THE AGONIZER. The Agonizer needs 10v to 12v AC power ONLY. DC will damage it, suckboy.

Hit the POWER button. You should see some red lighting inside the Agonizer's window, illuminating the tubes from behind. Sort of how your girlfriend likes to use her strap-on............from behind. Plug your vile noisemaker into the AUDIO IN. Set the LEVEL to midpoint. Set the other knobs fully to the left (down). Now twang (or punch keys, or whatever). Press the NOW SUFFER! button if you don't hear a lot of distortion-it's a bypass switch, doooood. Yeah, now it sounds really distorted and LOUD.

Set LEVEL for the desired nausea.
While playing, rock POUND back and forth, and note the change in timbre. Don't worry, it will get worse.
Set POUND fully left, and turn up GRIND. Note how furry and unpleasant it makes the sound. Gag.
While GRIND is up, turn up STRANGLE. Note how it makes the sound even more unpleasant. Now you can turn POUND back and forth, and hear a real change in モtimbreヤ. Actually, at some settings your beautiful music will disappear into sheets of grinding and gagging noises. How sweet.
The worst sound is obtained by setting LEVEL to a very low setting, so you can just barely hear the signal thru the sheets of noise and oscillation the Agonizer generates.
Dude! Now you can light up that 3-foot spliff and open your special 40- ounce bottle of Brain-Death Malt Liquor! Don't you feel more, like, artistic and stuff?
One more thing: the CV INPUT affects the POUND input. You can drive the CV input with an LFO or envelope generator. We recommend something that can swing 10v p-p or more.

That's all we have to say about the thing. The rest of it is up to you, clever boy. A smart musician could find a universe of tones in the Agonizer. (An idiot will just complain about the hum or something. If you don't like it, then WHY DID YOU BUY IT??)

(copyright 2004 Metasonix. All rights reserved. It is a violation of federal law to reproduce, reuse or duplicate this publication without the express written permission of Metasonix or its assigned representative.)

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