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Utopia Synth


  • $ 26900

The Utopia Synth consists of four square wave oscillators grouped into two sets. Within each set, one is the modulator and the other is a modulated (main) oscillator. Chaotic inter-modulation between the oscillator pairs create deep exploding sideband frequencies.

The utopia synth delivers a versatile and wide ranging tapestry of sounds from harmonic bliss to cacaphonic terror.

Get ready to unleash huge, dreamy drones or drastic, painful nightmares of absolute noise....all with the flick of a switch.

Its 1/4 mono output with master volume control may be fed to a mixer, amp, effects pedals, etc. Each main oscillator has two range selector switches affecting the pitch sweep range.

Please note: This unit requires a standard 9 volt DC wall wart with a negative(-) center (not included).

Add the Fulltone FPS-1 regulated power supply (9 volts with a negative center) for $18.

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