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VX-351 - CV Expander for Voyager


  • $ 27500

The VX-351 Voyager CV Expander provides all the Control Voltage (CV) and Gate outputs of the Minimoogᆴ Voyager. Control Voltages are the signals used inside an analog synthesizer to cause changes in the sound produced whether pitch, timbre, duration, or loudness. A Gate signal is used to turn a circuit on or off. For instance a gate is used to trigger the envelope generators of an analog synthesizer, which causes a note to sound. The minimoog Voyager has 10 Control Voltage and 4 Gate Inputs. The VX-351 contains 19 Control Voltage and 2 Gate outputs generated by the Voyagerメs analog synthesizer circuits. In addition it contains two 4-way mults for distributing a single CV to multiple destinations, and two attenuators for reducing the amount of a CV.

With the VX-351, the Voyager attains the power of modular synthesis. Standard _ヤ patch cords can route a control signal (for instance - a LFO triangle wave) back into the Voyagerメs CV inputs (for instance ヨ the Pan control input) for a host of new modulation possibilities. Highly complex and fascinating sounds can be achieved.

(1) DB-25 cable for connection to the Voyagerメs accessory port

(19 ) Control Voltage outputs
  • Keyboard Pitch
  • Keyboard Velocity
  • Keyboard Afterpressure
  • Touch Surface X
  • Touch Surface Y
  • Touch Surface A (area)
  • Pitch Bend Wheel
  • Mod Wheel
  • MOD 1 signal (signal at Voyager MOD 1 input)
  • MOD 2 signal (signal at Voyager MOD 2 input)
  • LFO triangle wave
  • LFO square wave
  • Mod Wheel Mod Buss output
  • Pedal/On Mod Buss output
  • Filter Envelope
  • Volume envelope
  • Sample and Hold Step
  • Sample and Hold Smooth
  • Noise

(2) Gate outputs
  • Keyboard Gate
  • Touch Surface Gate

(2) Attenuators


  • Rack mount kit
    Mount a VX-351, or a VX-351 and a CP-251 in a standard 19ヤ rack. Height is three standard rack spaces. Includes power harness to power a CP-251 from the Voyager.

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