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x0xb0x TB-303 clone Red LEDs w/MIDI xoxbox

Technology Transplant

  • $ 49900


The circuit design is the adafruit open source circuit ( With slick looks and wet sounds our TB-303 clone is an exact copy using all original parts but with far easier programming. You will be programming tracks in minutes while others are still trying to build theirs. 16-pattern & 8-tracks available. USB, MIDI & DIN Sync, CV & Gate Out.
  • Custom MC-303 type knobs, and sensibly arranged switch cap colors for quick programming.
  • Professionally made silk-screened aluminum panels and non-glare custom-made LEDs.
  • Custom 10% potentiometers & smoother turning and more durable encoders, with a center-detented Tune control.
  • Power switch and 110 volt power supply included.
  • Custom transistors with super low beta 536 & super high beta 733. All original parts with the only exception being BA6110 Op Amps (modern equivalents of the BA662).
  • CV/Gate cables and 1/8" to 1/4" headphone adapter.

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