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FSR-1n Force Sensing Resistor module

FSR-1n Force Sensing Resistor module

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The FSR-1n is a low cost, entry level, single-channel Force Sensing Resistor module. It is one channel of the FSR-4 MkII and gives all the performance of itメs bigger brother only in a 4HP module width. The small size allows placing the module almost anywhere in your rig and itメs low cost means you can have as many as you feel you need. The FSR-1N in your hands (and soon in your rig) has can produce a scalable Pressure Output and threshold adjustable Gate Output.

The Force Sensing Resistor pressure sensor is a non-capacitance based polymer thick film technology, responding to any direct pressure. They are not affected by skin resistance, are water resistant, and never need cleaning or polishing. As force is applied to the sensor, the deviceメs electrical resistance decreases and the FSR-1Nメs circuit converts and scales this resistance change into the Pressure Output control voltage. The Pressure Scale control adjusts this voltage range from 0 to over +10 volts. The internal Pressure Output is also read (before the Pressure Scale control) by the Gate Threshold circuit and when this voltage passes a level determined by the Gate Threshold control, a gate is produced at the Gate Output and its corresponding LED will light.

The Force Sensing Resistor is an excellent human/machine interface sensor. You can even play them by pressing on them with other objects or while wearing gloves. Rubber pads and other textured surfaces can be placed on top of the sensors to add a user defined custom feel to the playing surface.

Module size = 4HP
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