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That Vintage Sound.

While many people love the sound of vintage gear, much of the new crop of gear promising to recreate the full, rich sound of synths of the 60's and 70's has tried to do it with contemporary components and modern replacement parts. This may lead to a lower price and easier sourcing on the production side, but often at the cost of compromised sound quality and functionality.

At bubblesound I feel a little differently. I believe that the easiest and surest way to get that sound of the past is to use the original components, op-amps and transistors from the 60's and 70's. Much of the character of synths like the Oberheim SEM, ARP 2600 and the Korg MS-20 came from qualities of specific parts used in the original designs which is lost when one substitutes modern parts for the originals.

While this design philosophy seems to fly in the face of the belief that low noise and precision performance are the goals of instrument design, I believe this is the only way to achieve the same full and rich sound of the classic synths. Many of my designs are based on classics, expanded and unleashed in ways that we feel fully realize their potential, while preserving their character and sound.
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