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Tiptop Audio hit the Eurorack scene in 2008 with their Z5000 Multi-Effects module. Since then they have cultivated a name for themselves as one of the most widely recognized Eurorack manufacturers in the world. Some of their most notable products include their open-sourced, cartridge-based Z-DSP effects unit, their Banana-influenced Stackable cables, and their comprehensive power systems. Additionally, their Happy Ending Kit provides one of the best values for high-quality Eurorack enclosures/power on the market, while their economical Mantis cases have significantly lowered the barrier of entry into the Euro world.

Founder Gur Milstein has said that his inspiration for TTAs designs comes from artists like Kraftwerk, Sven Väth, and others. Critically, this focus informs designs that hone in on a centralized featureset and push it to the fullest extent, as opposed to constructing extravagant modules with redundant functionality.

Tiptop Audio

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