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5-Step Voltage Source

Sputnik Modular

  • $ 37500

The 5-Step Voltage Source is a full featured sequencer and voltage source for the Sputnik Modular system. 

Pulser Control:
  • “Trig. In” to trigger Pulser
  • “Pulser” controls rate of pulses fired between .002 and 10 sec and the amount of pulses can be manually c
  • ontrolled or via CV “Time” input
  • Length (PW) of pulses can be manually adjusted from 0 – 100% and can be CV controlled via “Length”
  • Outputs pulses and sawtooth
  • Manual buttons for “Start” and “Stop” and both can also be CV controlled
CV and Pulse Outputs:
  • 4 rows (A-D) of 5 step voltage generators with individual CV or Pulse outputs + LED indicators
  • “All Pulse” output
Stage Select:
  • 5 “Stage Select” switches with trigger inputs and buttons for stage selection. Switches control length of sequence.
  • Stage Select “Address” CV input for controlling additional stage selection 

    28hp +12V/-12V/+5V

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