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Actuator OD-187


  • $ 21900

Initially designed for bass guitar, the Actuator OD-187 is a medium to high gain and rare germanium transistor overdrive with a clean blend, high pass filter, dual jfet preamp, unique contour eq and saturation controls, all tied into a feedback network. Go from sweet boost and overdrive tones to vicious screaming distortion in a second. The Actuator OD-187 with it's controls allows for a massive amount of unique sounds not usually found in an overdrive pedal.

- True Bypass

- Powered with a standard (9volt negative center) Boss or 1 Spot adapter (standard 2.1mm barrel plug)

- Reverse Polarity Circuit Protection

- Enclosure Size: 5.5" L X 3.5" W X 2" D

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