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Earthquaker Devices Afterneath Eurorack Module

Earthquaker Devices Afterneath Eurorack Module

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The Earthquaker Devices Afterneath is a Eurorack adaptation of Eartquaker's powerful guitar pedal of the same name. It provides otherworldly reverberations, constructed from clusters of short delays.

The Eurorack version of the Afterneath has nine controls, four of which have CV inputs with attenuverters. Length sets the length of the reverb. Diffuse adjusts the spread of the reverb. At lower settings, the reverb effect is sharper with more attack...and as it is turned up, it becomes more textural and ambient. Reflect controls the regeneration of the reverb. At higher settings, the unit will begin to self-oscillate. The Eurorack module adds reflect send and return to allow for external processing to be inserted into the reflection feedback path. The reflect knob as an attenuator when a signal that's patched into the input. Taking the reflect send straight out into a mixer will allow for pseudo-stereo operation, providing a rich stereo image. Dampen is a filter with more filtered, darker tones when turned counterclockwise and brighter tones in the clockwise direction.

Drag takes the cluster of short delays and separates them, creating stuttering effects. Changing the drag control, either manually or by control voltage will cause a noticeable change to the fidelity, character, decay, and pitch of the effect. The mode control selects between one of nine modes that the drag control can operate in. These include unquantized, unquantized with slew, unquantized 1V/Oct with exponential response, chromatic, major, minor, pentatonic, octaves/fifths, and octaves. The scale modes quantizes the drag control to the corresponding scale and allows Afterneath to function as a powerful voltage controlled oscillator when self-oscillating at high reflect and length settings. The Dry Kill mutes the input signal for a 100% wet effect.

The Afterneath Eurorack module not only takes an already powerful pedal effect and adapts it into Eurorack, but adds additional functionality that greatly expands the sonic palette available from the unit.


  • Earthquaker's famous delay/reverb effect adapted for use in Eurorack systems
  • Effects ranging from short delays to rich ambient washes of reverb
  • Nine controls
  • Drag, mode, diffuse, and length controls have CV control with attenuverters
  • Nine CV controllable Drag modes including unquantized, unquantized with slew, unquantized v/oct, chromatic, major, minor, pentatonic, octaves/fifths, and octaves
  • Dry Kill button removes dry signal leaving a 100% wet signal
  • Reflect send and return to additionally process signals in the feedback path or use for a secondary input or output
  • All analog dry signal path, completely digital effects signal path
  • Lifetime guarantee
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