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Ana module, brand new, old stock (N.O.S.)

Mystic Circuits

  • $ 19900

Brand new, old stock (NOS) Mystic Circuits Ana module.
ANA is Mystic Circuit's newest Swiss-army knife utility module designed to perform a variety of functions in a small and inexpensive package. At its core, ANA consists of six cross-modulation processes based on two inputs.  These inputs can by modified by each of their channel's multi-function front-panel control.  All of ANAs inputs and outputs are DC-coupled and can process any variety of signals at LFO, audio, or video rate.  The function of ANA's outputs are as follows:
MIN – compute the minimum of the two input voltages.
MAX – compute the maximum of the two input voltages.
VCA – compute the XOR, or multiplication the two input voltages.
MAG – compute the absolute difference between the two input voltages.
STEP – perform a track and hold based smooth/ stepped process from the two inputs.
BOX – perform a bipolar comparator process resulting in a 3 level square wave.

The front panel controls are used to attenuvert or offset the input signals depending on how ANA is patched:
Patching a signal into either IN1 or IN2 will make the corresponding knob function as an attenuverter.
Patching a signal into either SUM1 or SUM2 will make the corresponding knob function as an offset.
Patching into both inputs will attenuvert the signal patched into either IN1 or IN2 and add the signal patched into either SUM1 or SUM2.
Leaving all inputs to a channel unpatched makes the corresponding knob a static offset.
The attenuverters are able to boost an incoming signal by a factor of 2.
Size: 6 HP
Depth: 21mm (from panel to end of power header)
Power Draw: 34 mA on +12V, 31 mA on -12V

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