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AnalogueSolutions - SEMblance V2 (Demo Unit)


  • $ 69900

The Analogue Solutions SEMblance is a self-contained TRUE analog synthesiser! The voice circuitry uses all discrete and op-amp components. There is no voice DSP in this unit! 

SEMblance is very similar in sound and specifications to the classic Oberheim SEM, but with many improvements such as MIDI, noise, extra modulation, etc. 

SEMblance has 2 VCOs, LFO, 2 EGs, 4 kinds of VCF's, VCA, Noise, MIDI, VCO Sync, and extensive modulation capabilities. 

SEMblance has a Poly mode which allows 4 SEMblances to be daisy chained together to create one MONSTER 4-voice pure analog poly synth!

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