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Effectrode Atomic Power Supply, latest version

Effectrode Atomic Power Supply, latest version

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The mighty Atomic isolated Power Supply was developed to meet the high power requirements of Effectrode tube effects pedals. Includes a unique ‘soft-start’ voltage capability, which eliminates tube heater filament flash and thus extends the life of the tubes.

Properly designed tube pedals require much more power than solid-state effects because of the tube heaters and high voltage operation. To get an idea take a look at the size of the transformers inside a vintage or boutique tube amp. The Atomic supplies a massive 6 amps ヨ enough energy to power up to four Effectrode tube pedals without compromising tone quality.


  • Delivers a massive 6 amps at 12 Volts D.C. output for powering up to 4 vacuum tube effects
  • Incredibly clean smoothed and regulated studio quality power supply
  • Supplied with country-appropriate IEC power cable
  • Operates anywhere in the world from 110-250VAC. No more step up or step down transformers.
  • Solid diecast aluminium case
  • Fully isolated outlets completely eliminate earth loop hum
  • Short circuit/overload protection protects your tube pedals
  • One of the outputs can be configured to power 9V centre negative pedals
  • Compatibility List

The Atomic is compatible with all Effectrode pedals (miniature and subminiature). It has also been tested with the following pedals by other manufacturers:

  • Empress Super Delay (12V center +ve)
  • Redwitch Titan Delay
  • Providence Chrono Delay (12V center -ve)
  • Kinglsey Bard (9V)
  • Vertex Axis Wah (9V)
  • Chicago Iron Octavian
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