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Binson Echorec - Drum Delay

Binson Echorec - Drum Delay

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It’s not easy to reinvent forgotten technology, but after many years of research, we found the lost secrets and brought back the authentic echoes from the 1950s. It’s known for its use in David Gilmour and Hank Marvin’s guitar tones, John Bonham even used it on drums! 

The Binson Echorec provides a unique and distinguishing type of echo supplied by a rotating metal drum where the audio signal is recorded through a magnetic recording head. The Four Playback heads will allow you to choose individual echoes and swells. 

Binson Echorec reborn by T-Rex Effects Denmark

  • Two recording heads with short and long delays.

  • Adjustment of drum speed +/- 20%  

  • Four individual and switchable Playback heads 

  • Four individual-level adjustments of the Playback heads. 

  • Magic eye to determine input levels.

  • Balanced in/out-put for studio use.

  • Selection between Repeats and Swell.

  • Connection for external drum speed adjustment.

  • Connection for external Bypass.  

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