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Effectrode Blackbird Tube Preamp (SR-71)

Effectrode Blackbird Tube Preamp (SR-71)

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Effectrode pedals include a 12v positive (+) center power supply.  We are not responsible for damage caused by using a power supply that is not included with your Effectrode order.

The Effectrode Blackbird is a real, all-tube preamplifier in a pedal. It's designed to add multiple channels to vintage or boutique guitar amps giving access to a wide tonal palette ranging from warm and fat blues drive sounds, through to classic rock distortion and harmonically-saturated, savage metal tones.

The Drive channel is based on the same 4-stage tube clipping circuitry found in the Dumble, Boogie and Soldano amps. These types of amps are in a class of their own, being exceptionally expressive and touch sensitive giving the player access a wide tonal palette from mild blues breakup to harmonically rich, saturated drive tones just by simply digging in or easing off with the guitar pick.

The Clean channel is a replica of the classic "Blackface" circuit by Leo Fender and is capable of creating jazz, country and beautifully warm, glassy tones. Additionally, this pedal packs a huge degree of flexibility with a host of unique features that allow the fundamental drive tone of the pedal to be altered by adjusting tube bias points and swapping out tubes. The Blackbird is built to last and for rigorous touring. Each preamp pedal is meticulously constructed from military-grade components and housed in a tough powder-coated aluminum alloy enclosure.

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