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Frostwave Blue Ringer v2, New Old Stock (N.O.S.)

Frostwave Blue Ringer v2, New Old Stock (N.O.S.)

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Ring Modulator w/ external CV input

Get those wild Sci-fi robot sounds. The ring modulator uses an internal oscillator and balanced mixer to generate new harmonics that correspond to the sum and differences of the frequencies of the input signal and the local oscillator. For example if the input signal from a guitar or keyboard is 800 cps and the local oscillator is at 600 cps then the output will be two frequencies of 200 and 1400 cps. The level of the output signal tracks the level of the input, so the original signal is transformed into new frequencies.
  • Guitar or line level inputs
  • Separate higher gain input for microphone
  • Bypass footswitch
  • Mod Mix control
  • External modulation input
  • External CV input for internal oscillator
  • Frequency control
  • Balance control
US voltage 16 Volt AC power supply is included.

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