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CHICKLET reverb - Omicron Series, N.O.S.

Malekko Heavy Industry

  • $ 12500

Brand New old stock (N.O.S.) Malekko CHICKLET reverb pedal!

In the year 2009, Malekko released the visionary Spring Chicken spring reverb emulator pedal. The world freaked out! Fast forward a few months, and all the chickies have flown the coop... The world cried. All the while, Malekko worked tirelessly in our secret lab to create the Spring Chicken replacement pedal-- The CHICKLET!

Boasting a super small size, less noise, and the super awesome "dwell" mod previously available as an option on the original Spring Chicken, this tiny reverb sounds HUGE! BUH-KAW!! All the great sound of a giant reverb tank in a small little pedal! This buffered pedal allows the reverb to "trail" after the pedal is bypassed, so no abrupt unnatural end to the reverb sound. Runs off a 'standard' 9VDC neg tip regulated power supply (not included).

No longer will you look like a fool when your sweet ripping solo's reverb sound suddenly stops.

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