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Video Scope

Critter & Guitari

  • $ 13500

The new and improved video synthesizer produces colorful oscilloscope style patterns on a television or projector. It reacts to audio input and works particularly well with simple bassy tones. 

The Video Scope has two knobs. One knob controls the input gain, and the other knob selects the display mode. There are now 4 modes: line, color shifter, trapezoid, and randomizer. The randomizer function randomly selects one of the other 3 modes at an adjustable rate. This is useful for hands free operation, and keeps the display always changing. 

Sturdy aluminum enclosure (3.2" x 2.2" x 1.1")
1/4" audio input jack
RCA composite video output jack (NTSC only)
9 VDC wall-wart adapter included

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