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Cwejman D-LFO Dual LFO

Cwejman D-LFO Dual LFO

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The D-LFO consists of two identical low frequency oscillators. LFO2 can be internally synced to LFO1 by an internal switch. The internal trip point controls the voltage point at which the waveform is synced; continuously from lowest up until the highest point of the waveform. Additionally, the external signal can be used as the sync source in two modes; the SYNC T converts the external signal to a very narrow pulse for a distinct sync and the SYNC G extracts the pulse width of the external signal for sync with a "steady state" synced waveform. The RM/AM is a ring modulator/amplitude modulator. It is coupled to both LFOs' outputs and has a seperate output "RM-AM" and input for external signal (pre-patched to the LFO2's output).

  • Total rate range - 100 sec to 50 usec
  • Rate 1,2 - 30 sec to 3 msec in two ranges
  • Waveforms - 7 basic waveforms (including 2 S/H)
  • Rate CV - leveled, 0 to 1 volt/octave
  • Internal sync
  • Sync trip point - 0 to 95% of waveform's amplitude
  • RM/AM - RM/AM mode switch
  • Sync T - accepts any waveshape, 2 volts threshold, 20usec pulse width
  • Sync G - accepts any waveshape, 2 volts threshold, any pulse width
  • Current consumption - 75 mA
  • Dimensions - 28.4 mm (H), 70.6 mm (B); 3 HE, 12 TE
  • Maximum current draw of 75mA
  • Occupies 12 HP of space in a Eurorack frame
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