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Cwejman DFA-2 Dual Filter-Amplifier

Cwejman DFA-2 Dual Filter-Amplifier

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Dual mode and dual slope filter

The DFA-2 is a dual mode and dual slope filter and emulates the familiar low pass filter in 4 pole mode and expands sonic potential by adding a unique designed 6 pole low pass mode and quasi and pass mode.
Both filters (A and B) are identical and can be controlled separately and by master inputs for the cutoff (CM A+B). The audio outputs from both filters are combined (LPF A+B and BPF A+B) with dual resonance (peak and offers "formant" shaped sounds in low pass and band pass mode. Filters has an individual audio inputs and additionally combined input (AUDIO A+B).
The DFA-2 is characterized by a non-linear transfer function, so-called saturation mode, that is affected by the level strength of the incoming signals. The design quality of LPF's and new features makes the DFA-2 very flexible and results in qualities, such as:

  • CUTOFF, Q-PEAK are voltage controlled
  • 4 and 6 poles low pass mode (12 dB/octave and 24 dB/octave)
  • Quasi band pass mode (6dB/octave high pass on the low side and 24dB/octave low pass on the high side)
  • Ideal as "effect filter"
  • Formant mode (dual peak) with summed inputs and outputs
  • Stereo effects
  • Low noise
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