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8 Voice FM Synth, Elektron Style

Combining deep FM synthesis with a familiar subtractive synthesis signal flow, the Elektron Digitone is an amazingly powerful 8-voice synth. And with Elektron's acclaimed sequencing onboard, your creative potential is practically unlimited. Digitone is ready to create with four independent synth tracks, each with a 4-operator FM synth engine featuring eight different FM algorithms. Those algorithms — along with pretty much everything else — can be locked to different values for each sequence step. Factor in four MIDI tracks, an arpeggiator for each track, two LFOs per synth voice, multimode filtering, and built-in effects, and the Elektron Digitone may just be the FM synth you've always wanted to perform with.

Elektron Digitone Synthesizer/Sequencer Features:

  • 8-voice FM synthesizer with sequencer

  • 4 synth tracks, each with a 4-operator synth engine with 8 algorithms

  • 4 MIDI tracks for sequencing external gear

  • Powerful Elektron sequencing with parameter locking

  • 2 LFOs per voice

  • 1 arpeggiator per track

  • Built-in send effects include Panoramic Chorus, Saturator Delay, Supervoid Reverb

  • Built-in Overdrive master effect

  • Sequencer supports micro timing adjustments for humanizing sequences

  • Overbridge enabled

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