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DP-2 Dynamic Processor


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The DP-2 module consists of two main functional blocks, Compressor and Mute.


One knob action, so the higher compression, the higher internal make up gain to compensate for the gain loss. Attack and Release is an advanced envelope follower in two separate stages and control the compression. The Side Chain is a built in 2-pole low pass and high pass filter with a switch; LP, OFF, HP. The frequency cutoff determines the content of audio signal controlling the envelope follower, in a standard side chain style. You can use an external signal (input RETURN) in switch HPF/LPF in the middle position or in series with built in side chain filter (HPF, LPF).

Mute is controlled by an incoming signal and controls the attenuation for the compressed/uncompressed signal by Attack-Release (follow the length of the gate signal) /Attack-Decay (activated by a short internal pulse derived from the gate signal) transient generator. The threshold for activating the TG (transient generator) is set by the THRESHOLD control and the depth for the muted signal by DEPTH. The GATE switch selects the length of the gate signal: S = short, M = medium, L = long. It's very useful for different audio material. Long is good with the side chain filter in pos. LPF. LED above the GATE output indicates the activity (if totally off then there is no muting action). Built in side chain filter for the MUTE section is identical to above. The external GATE can activate the TG from an external signal (any waveform higher than 2 volts). All CV controls are on the lowest row. Both compressor and Mute are attained by a single high-end VCA, so the overall signal quality (noise and distortion) is excellent.

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