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Vermona DRM1 Mk III Chrome Knobs w/ Triggers

Vermona DRM1 Mk III Chrome Knobs w/ Triggers

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8 Channnels - Real Analog:

KICK: Dedicated for synthesizing the fattest kick drums, this channel gives you control over the waveshape, envelope, and noise!

DRUM 1 / 2 : These channels generate typical analog kick- and tom sounds and effect-sounds.

Parameters: Decay, Pitch, Bend (up/down), Attack, FM Int, FM Freq (frequencymodulation-intensity and -speed), Distortion, Pan, Volume)

Multi: This channel has three oscillators. The pitch of oscillator two and three can be adjusted individually relatively to oscillator one. It can generate typical cowbell sounds, but also woodblock, handle toms, claves, ... Parameters: Decay, Pitch, Bend (up/down), Attack, Pitch2, Pitch3, High Pass, Pan, Volume

Snare: The snare-channel of the DRM1 MK II generates typical, wellknown analog snaresounds up to new soundcreations Parameters: Decay Rev, Reverb, Decay N., Noise, Attack, Resonance, Filter, Pan, Volume

Cymbal1/2: Cymbal one and two are identical and generate analog cymbal- and/or hihat- sounds (open/closed). The decay-control adjusts the decaytime of the opend hat respectively of the cymbal relatively to the closed hat. Open and closed hat can be triggered individual via MIDI. Parameters: Decay, Filter, Bend, Attack, Resonance, Mix, Pitch, Pan, Volume

Clap: The Clap channel generates classic analog claps. Parameters: Decay Rev, Reverb, Clap, Noise, Resonance, Filter, High Pass, Pan, Volume

Trig: Each channel of the DRM1 MK II has its own trigger button.

MIDI: The DRM1 MK II can be triggered with MIDI. MIDI channel and note number can be adjusted freely.

Individual outs: Each channel of the DRM1 MK II has an individual output.

When using a Y-cable the individual outs can be used as effect inserts.

It is also possible, to choose between subtracting the signal from the main outs when using an individual out, or using both outputs.


# 72 Front Panel Controls
# 8 Channels of True Analog Sound with MIDI!
# Blue LED's flash when channel is triggered
# 2 High hats / Cymbals
# Individual Channel Outputs
# Individual Outputs can be used as Inserts
# Built-in power supply (no wall wart!)
# On/Off Switch
# No crosstalk between channels
# Stereo and Headphone Output
# Standard 19" rack width / 5u Height
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