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Ebbe und Flut s/n 155

Ebbe und Flut s/n 155

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The Ebbe und Flut is the brainchild of German engineer Carsten Schippmann. Initially conceived as a simple filter box, it took on a life of its own as its designer added facilities including compression, distortion, dual envelopes, an LFO, sample & hold, and a VCA. The result is an impressive package in a relatively compact 2U rackmount box.

The Ebbe und Flut is a high quality analog signal processor with two very fat and precise VCFs, each with 12 different functions at their core. A very effective automatic soft-knee compressor, controllable with only one knob, and with very good adjustment properties is part of the device as well as a really musical distortion unit. The signal chain finishes with a VCA controlled by either envelope generators or a noisegate.

Each filter has its own envelope generator (with Attack, Hold and Release) and is additionally controlled either by an LFO (with waveforms triangle, sawtooth or rectangle), Sample & Hold or by the envelope follower control voltage. In addition, an external footswitch can modulate each VCF independently. The resonance can also be modulated. Moreover, from the input signal a very reliable and flutter-free trigger will be generated even under difficult signal conditions. Modulations are adjustable in either Normal or Inverse.

An array of external signal and modulation inputs / outputs provide very flexible and extensive linking possibilities to your studio.


  • 2 Rack units in height
  • Signal modules: input amplifier (0 db / + 20 db), automatic soft-knee compressor, distortion, VCA, 2x (not identical) VCFs with 12 functions. VCF 1: 24db-lp, 18db-lp, 2x12db-lp, 2x6db-lp, 6db-bp, 12/6db-bp, 6db-hp, 12db-hp, notch, inverse allpass. VCF 2: 24db-lp, 2x12db-lp, 3x6db-lp, 2x6db-bp, 6db-hp, 12db-hp, notch, allpass.
  • Modulation modules: LFO (waveforms triangle, sawtooth or rectangle), 2 x envelopes (with Attack, Hold and Release), noise gate, sample & hold (s&h), envelope follower (linear or logarithmic), and dynamic-controlled trigger generation.
  • Inputs & Outputs: main output (VCA-controlled), compressor out, distortion out, envelope follower out, trigger out. for each VCF: signal in and out, freq-CV, reso-CV, trigger in, pedal input with switch for exchanging tip and ring.
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