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ECHO Baby, brand new old stock (N.O.S.)


  • $ 14900

The out-of-production ECHO Baby features warm, studio quality delay up to 760ms with a "Dynamic Modulation Mode" If you hold the bypass switch for 2 seconds, this will put the ECHO baby into Modulation Edit Mode. The LED will blink to indicate this function. Dynamic Modulation means the rate and depth are adjusted automatically as you adjust the delay time. This improves the overall "feel" of the modulation at all delay times. No more wild modulation at one setting, and not enough at another. As you turn the delay time down, the modulation speed is slightly increased, as is the depth. Once you find the correct amount of modulation, you'll find that it sounds great on any speed. No more adjusting delay time, then re-tweaking modulation with Dynamic Modulation.

The Delay Time will remain what it was prior to changing modes. Adjust the pot for the amount of modulation you want (between 9:00 and 12:00 are good settings). If you turn the pot all the way down, that turns modulation off. To get out of Modulation Edit Mode hold the switch again for 2 seconds. The Modulation Level will be saved and you will be back to rate mode. If you unplug power, it will remember your modulation setting. This is only true if you unplug it AFTER putting it back in Delay Time mode. If you unplug it while in Modulation Edit Mode, it will NOT save the Modulation, and will revert to the previous setting.

Relay Switching True Bypass LED Status
Super Compact Die-cast aluminum case is just 3 5/8"L x 1 1/2"W x 1 1/4"H

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