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Echo Fix EF-X2 Mk2 Tape Echo, Blue Panel

Echo Fix EF-X2 Mk2 Tape Echo, Blue Panel

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EF-X2 Tape Echo with Spring Reverb, DSP Reverb & Chorus.

We have developed a Spring Reverb for the EF-X2 that creates a long, warm and lush analog spring reverb that is unique, flexible and incredible sounding. The spring tank is custom made to Echo Fix specifications along with a totally new and unique reverb tank driver/recovery circuitry that sets this reverb apart.

With the Spring Reverb Tank upgrade you can switch between DSP reverb and Spring Reverb. You can also blend the DSP reverb and Spring Reverb together for a super unique reverb that sounds fantastic!

A classic effect, built for modern users - the EF-X2 couples the sounds you know and love, with features and reliability unimaginable in the past. In designing the EF-X2, the team here at Echo Fix began with the knowledge and insight gained from our work as the world's foremost experts in spare parts, servicing and repairing vintage tape echo units. Put simply, we know how tape echos should sound and operate.

We spent three years prototyping, rigorously testing, and meticulously designing in secret - while accounting for every possible application. We couldn't find a new production motor good enough so we made our own and invested in the latest high tech machinery to custom balance them in house here at Echo Fix. We could not find tape heads that sounded good enough so we had custom tape heads manufactured to our exact specs.

One of the other important things when it comes to reliable tape echo operation is the tape loop. We thoroughly researched tape and have a tape formulation that not only lasts a very long time but sounds incredible as well, that is how far we were willing to go to make the EF-X2 reliable and sound great!

What we have built is a warm sounding tape echo with a modern feature set that is at home in the professional recording studio, live guitar rig, bedroom production setup or in any other context you can dream up, we cannot wait for the EF-X2 to become an integral part of your creative process.

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