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Knobby MIDI Controller, brand new old stock (N.O.S.)

Knobby MIDI Controller, brand new old stock (N.O.S.)

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The Encore Knobby has been out of production for quite a few years. We have just one left, sealed in its original box (N.O.S.).

The Encore Knobby is designed to give you control over a wide variety of current, obsolete, and future MIDI equipment. The Knobby is a hardware controller that is programmed using your personal computer.

Once programmed, the Knobby can work without being attached to the computer.

Unlike some other compact MIDI controllers, the Knobby can send System Exclusive (Sysex) messages.

The Knobby opens up the parameters of all your MIDI equipment with the ability to send any MIDI controller, including Non Registered and Registered Parameters, and up to 55 byte System Exclusive (Sysex) messages.

For example, you can tweak the filter of your favorite synthesizer, or adjust the pre-delay on your effects processor in real time.

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