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Euclidean Circles V2

Euclidean Circles V2

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Version 2 of's brilliant Euclidean Circles rhythm generator.

This unique 10HP sequencer consists of 6 channels of Euclidean rhythms or new in V2, fully editable sequences between 1 and 16 steps which can be chained up to three patterns for a total of 48 steps.

Euclidean Circles was always about having Euclidean rhythms, but the new v2 firmware adds a step sequencer mode where you can individually set the active steps in a 1 to 16 length pattern. You can enable stepseq mode on any of the three circle for a mix of Euclidean and stepseq rhythms at the same time.

Also we have added autosave, so the currently playing rhythms are stored and recalled automatically after power up.

The new F-BUTTON allows to select your favorite feature for live and have it accessible right there on the front panel. Advance sequences, add fills or quick save and restore patterns to create interesting variations while performing.

The second big change is an upgraded CPU with more memory which allows for more functionality and an added bootloader so the firmware can be updated by the user. Firmware updates are performed by playing a WAV file into the CLK input.

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