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WMD FatMan Envelope Filter

WMD FatMan Envelope Filter

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The original WMD FatMan is no longer made, but we have a few brand new ones left in stock. The FatMan is a funky envelope filter providing massive tweakability. The FatMan produces a vast range of filter sounds with intuitive, wide range controls. The FatMan is an incredibly powerful device with the quality expected in a boutique pedal, plus some original features for players on the cutting edge of musical innovation.


Fat & Warm Pure Analog Circuitry 12 Filter Frequency Ranges Tweakable Filter Feedback Lowpass & Bandpass Filter Mode Reverse Sweep Tweakable Attack Speed Internal Gain Adjustment Key Input Hand Wired True Bypass Violet LED Top Quality Components Super Hard Epoxy Powder Finish Standard 9V Power Jack

The Controls. The FatMan's controls are intuitive and effective in sculpting your desired filter sound.

Attack - Adjusts the speed of the filter, and how fast it responds to transients in your playing. Fully slow opens the filter like a nice sweep on the wah pedal. Fully fast will open and close the filter nearly instantly making the attack of each note very pronounced. Fast attack will also move the filter around during note bending and the beating of slightly out of tune notes.

Threshold - Adjusts the volume sensitivity of the filter. Turning it up causes the filter to begin working sooner, or at lower levels. Adjusting this lets you control the frequency that the filter opens up to in a given range.

Feedback - Controls how much you hear the filter working. Turning it up adds more of the frequency the filter is moving at to the sound. All the way down and the Fat Man subtly removes frequencies like a moving passive filter. Turn it up and the filter becomes more audible. Dime it and you'll be able to make it quack and thump depending on where the range is set.

Range - Selects between 12 distinct frequency ranges, controling the tone of the filter. The lowest setting goes down to 20Hz and provides movement in the sub-bass frequencies. The highest range tops out at 7kHz. Each range has its own sound and response characteristics.

Sweep Up/Down - Controls where the filter starts and moves to. When in "up" mode, the filter startes at the lowest frequency and as volume increases, the frequency moves up. When in "down" mode, the filter is at its max frequency for the range and moves downward as the volume increases. Down acts as a tone compressor.

Lowpass/Bandpass - Changes the way the filter affects low frequencies. Lowpass mode is more subtle affecting only the highs in the signal. Bandpass mode sounds more like a wah pedal, allowing only a narrow band of sound through. Bandpass mode has much more feedback and a very strong sound.

Bypass - The stomp switch enables and disables the Fat Man. When bypassed, the Fat Man will not touch your tone. True bypass wiring means that your signal goes in and right out instead of being degraded by unnecessary electronics. Good stuff.
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