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Division 6 Filtare SEIII Multimode Filter

Division 6 Filtare SEIII Multimode Filter

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The Filtare SEIII is a multimode, state-variable voltage-controlled filter that gives you low-pass, band-pass and high-pass outputs which are all simultaneously available. It also includes a notch output which allows you to change the balance between low-pass and high-pass. The SEIII uses discrete components but is based on SSM2040 architechture, giving you a very musical sounding filter. There are CV inputs for frequency, resonance and notch balance. The 1 V/O CV input for frequency can be used to have the filter follow what you're playing on the keyboard or just crank up the resonance and use it to play sine-waves.


  • Modes: LP, BP, HP
  • All modes are 4-Pole (24dB/Octave)
  • Notch: Change balance between LP and HP (total drop with balance at center is 3.4dB)
  • Power supply: +/- 12 VDC (reverse-polarity protected!)
  • Width: 8HP

  • CV (for frequency control): 1V/O fixed
  • CV (for frequency control): Adjustable
  • CV (for resonance)
  • CV (for notch balance)

    Audio Outputs:
  • Low-Pass
  • Band-Pass
  • High-Pass
  • Notch

  • Frequency
  • Resonance
  • CV Level (frequency)
  • Notch Balance
  • Volts / Octave Adjust for 1 V/O input (trim pot on back)

  • Filtare SEIII Module
  • Doepfer-style Power Cable
  • (4) M3 x 6mm Rack Screws w/ Nylon Washers

    Sound Samples

    LP Frequency Sweep
    BP Frequency Sweep
    HP Frequency Sweep
    Notch Bal. Sweep
    Notch Bal. & Freq. Sweep
    2 LFO Strings
    2 LFO Strings 2
    2 LFO Strings 3
    2 LFO Drums
    2 LFO Drums 2
    Noise LP Freq. Res.
    Noise BP Freq. Res.
    Noise HP Freq. Res.
    Noise Notch Balance
    Noise Notch Frequency
    Kidz 1 (Audio Rate)
    Kidz 2 (Audio Rate)
    Overdrive Notch Sweep
    Overdrive HP Sweep
    Bass Notch
    Bass LP
    Bass BP
    Bass HP
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