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  • $ 12900

The Fuzzolo is a fuzz pedal that is in part derived from our Mastotron and Woolly Mammoth. Simple and powerful, All the low end and snarl of it's bigger brothers, but with aggressive mids. Small box, huge sound.

This silicon fuzz has a rich subby ripping texture with aggressive midrange and plenty of volume. The Fuzzolo has two knobs, one controlling Volume and the other controlling Pulse Width, which sweeps between square wave and a narrow/wide pulse shape. Connect a music equipment power supply of 9VDC, center negative, to the power jack for use. There is no battery in the Fuzzolo. For use with bass or active pickups,open the unit's bottom lid and move the black jumper from P to A. for use with Guitar or pass pickups on quieter instrument, make sure the jumper is on P. The 'P' appears backwards on the circuit board. We don't know why.

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