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WMD Geiger Counter Pro

WMD Geiger Counter Pro

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Advanced bitcrusher.

- 256 new wavetables! (512 wavetables in total)
- Wavetable "Morphing"
- 16 foot switchable and MIDI switchable Presets
- Proprietary VST for control via computer
- Easy to save and duplicate presets
- Full MIDI control over all parameters
- 2 assignable CV inputs
- Dry/Wet Mix
- End of chain Low Pass Filter
- Powered by a standard "boss" style 9V supply.

Power: 9VDC Center Negative (BOSS Standard) 150mA draw
Input Impedance: 380kOutput Impedance: 1k
MIDI standard input. Channel (1-8) internally selectable
CV Inputs: 0-5V. 50k Impedance. TS connection
Expression: 10k-100k linear. TRS connection
Upgradable via USB
Relay True Bypass
Dimensions: 5.8” x 4.75” x 2.5”

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