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ReBach J21 VCF

ReBach J21 VCF

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Limited Edition TFoM/KFoM 2023 edition (Tokyo & Kansai Festival of Modular)

*Only 30pcs produced

Made in Holland

Eurorack Voltage Controlled Filter


  • Size: HP10 
  • Input: 2x Audio – 2x CV
  • Output: 1x Audio


  • 2 pole 12db/oct OTA based
  • Exponential CV response
  • Improved low-end compensation (low frequencies remain present at high Q setting)
  • High quality aluminum front and buttons
  • Skiff-friendly

    The J11 VCO and J21 VCF are new modules that have been specially designed and produced in limited quantities for the TFoM and KFoM.

    The WOLFRAM series is a line of high-quality Eurorack modules where only quality is important and no savings have been made on costs. In addition to the usual high-quality components, the electronic and mechanical designs are of a high level. Perfect sound, functionality and durability at the highest level.

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