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Kawai K3m

Kawai K3m

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The Kawai K-3m synthesizer module combines wave sampling technology with true synthesis ability for a totally new approach to sound generation. It starts by constructing the waveform for a digital sound source from its harmonic components. (There are 32 such waveforms built into the synthesizer module, but you can program your own by assigning relative amplitudes for any 32 of the first 128 harmonics.) The audio signals from each oscillator are then combined and passed through filters, LFOs, envelop generators, and other components usually found only in today's more advanced analog synthesizers.

Wave sapling yields very faithful reproduction of the original because it produces a highly accurate description of sound produced by a piano, trombone, bass guitar, or any other instrument. The technology used, however, calls up a fixed sample and plays it back in a fashion not unlike a tape recorder. Using such a fixed sound source sacrifices control over the articulation, the way in which the sound varies over time after the musician first strikes the key. Analog synthesizers, on the other hand, generally provide greater control over articulation and other parameters, required to produce a more "live" sound - only to lose sampling accuracy and the ability to easily program the synthesizer to emulate an existing instrument. The Kawai K-3m's digitally programmed sound sources give you the best of both worlds: lifelike samples and complete control and articulation.

Other Features:
The Kawai K-3m synthesizer module has several other advanced features as well:

  • Programmable velocity and aftertouch (pressure), that allow you to personalize keyboard response for each tone patch.
  • Programmable stereo chorus and delay for creating tone patches with realistic, studios quality effects.
  • Slot for a removable memory cartridge, an external storage device which holds 50 additional tone patches.
  • Advanced MIDI implementation including support for "system exclusive" messages which expand the control possible with this world standard interface.
  • The "Scope" features allow the K-3m to read or respond only to specified notes within the zone and makes the "Split" feature possible.
  • Mastering the K-3m from the K-3 synthesizer allows up to 12 notes to be played at the same time using the unique "Spillover" feature.
  • Analog and digital sound synthesis - the best of both worlds!
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