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Herbs and Stones Liquid Foam Eurorack Module

Herbs and Stones Liquid Foam Eurorack Module

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Liquid Foam is analog groovebox is now available in eurorack format!

It mantains the same internal structure and sound but it’s been improved to be fully compatible with eurorack voltages and standards.

Added features:

. New input circuitry will accept any type of signal, not just 5V gates

. Newly designed filter and wave mixer

. Three new outputs: trigger, envelope generator and bandpass filter

. No more delay when unplugging an external clock signal

. The eg offset knob now affects the envelope generator also in non-inverted mode

Width: 32hp

Power: 45mA at +12V 9mA at -12V

Max depth: 20 mm


The euro version of the Liquid Foam is priced at €399 and it includes a power connector, 4x rack mounting screws and international shipping fees.

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