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Little Green Wonder, hand-wired, N.O.S.

Little Green Wonder, hand-wired, N.O.S.

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Hand-made in Finland premium quality classic blues/rock pedal that works very well with complex overdriven amp sound.

It's a low compression, high headroom overdrive with high output, and it has a Body knob for adjusting low-mid content and treble.

The LGW was made to be a stackable overdrive that could go anywhere in the pedal chain and the compression normally associated with this type of circuit is reduced same as several distortion mechanisms.

This pedal will work very well with amps and other pedals that have a lot of complexity or compression, a situation that not all pedals work well.

LGW makes a great building block to start with and it works standalone. It does especially well with humbuckers where normally this type of circuit would not due to bass loss and sometimes separated sounds (where transients feed through and a cloud of distortion follows beneath).

Body control gives access to medium mid-hump at center position and allows treble boost at clockwise rotation and low mid/treble boost at counter-clockwise position. And so the LGW can also provide distortion, albeit a smooth type.

LGW can be used as an overdrive to already distorting amplifiers or pedals downstream, as well as function as a filter when feed with fuzz pedals that may be rough on some amplifiers and can also be used as light overdrive for just breaking up sounds.
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