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Zvex Lo-Fi Loop Junky

Zvex Lo-Fi Loop Junky

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The ZVex Lo-Fi Loop Junky is the antithesis to the modern digital looper pedal. It's all analog, with no A-to-D Conversion of any kind, it samples for up to 20 seconds, and everything you record into it will sound totally different coming out the other end. It features lots of hiss, noise, distortion, and other analog artifacts and is capable of making your little guitar loop sound like a scratched, warbly old record.

The Lo-Fi Loop junky does feature a very transparent guitar preamp built in to preserve your direct tone, and a velvety, smooth compression for nice organ-esque tones. It also has a built-in Vibrato with Speed and Depth control knobs for making warped record sounds or for imparting a chorused, Leslie rotating speaker style tone to your loops. There is also a tone knob to roll off any unwanted hiss or to add warmth to your loop, but since the this pedal has a very limited frequency response (nothing above 2.6Khz) too much treble shouldn't be a huge problem. The Loop Junky has a simple LED status indicator that lights up solid while recording, blinks once at the end of every loop, and stops completely in bypass mode. In the interest of tone preservation the Lo-Fi Loop Junky does feature True Bypass switching just like all other ZVex pedals.

ZVex Lo-Fi Loop Junky pedal is super simple to operate, with five obvious knob controls, an on/off stomp switch, a record stomp switch, and a tiny save switch in the upper right-hand corner to save your beloved loop for up to 100 years. Seriously. 100 years, even with the battery unplugged, should you manage to record the Golden Loop and want to preserve it forever.

The ZVex Lo-Fi Loop Junky Pedal is handmade and hand-painted in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for as long as Zachary Vex is on earth.
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