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Zvex Machine, brand new, old stock from 2008!

Zvex Machine, brand new, old stock from 2008!

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This brand new, old stock (N.O.S.) Zvex Machine was manufactured on 8/25/08. Serial number: 43-31

The ZVex Machine is a unique animal in a world of dime-a-dozen fuzz and distortion pedals. Zachary Vex invented the Machine specifically to be used in conjunction with other fuzz and distortion pedals. Have you ever ran two distortion boxes together, or ran a fuzz box into an already-distorted amp? Often times cool results are had, but you frequently lose detail and tonal qualities and end up with something less than what you were hoping for. The Machine exists to cure that problem.

With the Z.Vex Machine for the first time in history crossover distortion was built into a guitar pedal circuit. The net effect of this design, without getting too deeply into electronics geekery, is that while your guitar signal is traveling from pickups to speaker there are spots where normally not much is going on. It is in these parts of the signal path that Machine does its thing, generating distortion in the sloped parts of the wave rather than in the peaks and valleys like standard issue stompbox guitar distorters. Hence, it is extremely complimentary when used in conjunction with your other favorite pedals.

The Machine is basically a hideous sounding pedal on its own, so to achieve the intended effect you will need to use it before other fuzz boxes. The Machine prefers to see an undistorted guitar signal at its input. Once you plug it in you may never go back. This thing cuts like nobody's business, making your other pedals come to life. Use it with a tremolo pedal in front to hear sweeping frequency multiplier sounds, or put a compressor in front for ringing harmonic effects. It can also be used with other instruments, including bass, drum machines, etc.. for all sorts of interesting and wild tones.

Hand-built and individually hand-painted in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Each one is unique! Factory Warranted against manufacturing defects forever.

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