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Strymon Magneto Tape Echo & Looper Eurorack Module

Strymon Magneto Tape Echo & Looper Eurorack Module

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Magneto delivers a world of magnetic tape delay effects, but that's just the start. In typical Strymon fashion, this module does much more than you'd expect, including spring reverb, looping, phrase sampling, infinite echo, clock division and multiplication, and even more. Even a simple monophonic line can become a full symphony with the Strymon Magneto Eurorack effects module.

With four virtual playback heads, the Strymon Magneto module is capable of highly rhythmic delay effects, with three stereo head panning options for extremely spacious effects. And delay effects are just the start: you can dial in everything from chorus and flanging effects to reverb and resonator effects. A total of three operational modes — Echo, Sound On Sound Looper, Phrase Sampler — give Magneto huge creative potential for your Eurorack modular rig.

Beyond delay effects, the Strymon Magneto module offers a lot of potential for your Eurorack modular synthesizer. You can use it as a phase-aligned clock multiplier/divider, with four individual clock outputs. Use it as an oscillator on its own, or use it as a zero-latency sub-oscillator guided by an external oscillator module. With extensive CV patchability and sampling capabilities, Sweetwater can confirm the Strymon Magneto packs massive sound design potential for any type of modular artist.

Strymon focused on hands-on performance when designing the Magneto module, and the result is a tape delay effects module that plays like an instrument. All the controls have been tuned to reward real-time knob tweaking, delivering highly musical results even at extreme settings.

  • Stereo tape delay effects module for Eurorack modular synthesizers
  • Capable of multiple effects, including tape saturation, self-oscillation, spring reverb, looping, phrase sampling, reverse delay, and more
  • Clock multiplier/divider allows more creative potential when clocked to an external source
  • Extensive CV I/O for modulation exploration
  • Size: 28HP wide, 41mm deep
  • Power usage: 210mA (+/-12V), 0mA (5V)
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