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Mark VI (classic magnetic tape Mellotron)

Mark VI (classic magnetic tape Mellotron)

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The exterior of the Mellotron Mk VI looks like a the vintage Mellotron 400. Its functions and features are preserved in the new model. The keyboard has wooden keys like the old Mellotrons and the tape frames (3 instrument sounds per frame) are interchangeable. A flight case is included.

The white cabinet is standard, but other finish options are available:
  • $7100 for Black
  • $7600 for other color choice
  • Hardwoods start at $7900

Tube preamp
A specially developed tube preamp similar to the MkII gives improved sonic qualities.

Baltic Birch cabinet
A stronger and lighter cabinet than the original. The cabinets are made of high quality birch plywood. With corner reinforcements and a thicker bottom plate, the cabinets are both stronger and much lighter than any of the original cabinets.

Stainless Steel Capstan
The Mellotron Mk VI features a stainless steel precision polished capstan. This capstan will never rust or pit and since it is extremely hard it will not wear. This assembly matched with a slightly heavier flywheel affords more inertial mass and therefore, even more stability.

Metric Hardware
Standard metric hardware. Ever try to find British Association thread fasteners outside of Britain?

Taller Cabinet
The original Rosewood and Oak Mellotron 400 cabinet dimensions are used. In short, the cabinet is 2in. taller for increased playability while still maintaining the classic, instantly recognizable shape of a Mellotron from all angles.

Two Speed Motor Control
A dual pitch stability improved motor control system. At the flick of a switch change the pitch of the sounds to a different user-preset value.

New Stable Motor
The new motor is a high stability precision motor that is much better suited for constant-speed applications than the old motor. Because of the improved torque of this motor, the ratio between the pulley and flywheel could be changed to allow the motor to run at optimum rpm and add a slight increase in flywheel diameter. The increased mass to the flywheel results in a greater stabilizing effect on the capstan--resulting in both higher playing stability and better pitch change response (for achieiving the Mark II "slide-effect").

Non Warping Keyboard
The basswood keys on many original Mellotrons 400's have warped. We have collaborated with Herrburger, Brooks Ltd (the original manufacturer) to solve this problem with a kiln dried pine that is laminated and treated to resist warping and twisting.

New Tape Frame Design
The new style tape frame is already in use in dozens of Mellotron 400's and is lighter and more robust than the old frame. It also supports longer tapes, increasing the the playing time per note by approximately 20%.

Balanced Outputs
A true professional-quality balanced audio output is included in addition to a standard TS unbalanced line output.

High Quality Pots
The audio pots, pitch pot and the trim pots are of the highest quality.

Remastered Sounds
The Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds have been remastered from the original session tapes, giving much better sonic clarity and higher reproduction quality. Some sounds (like the Mellotron Glockenspiel) have never been available before. In addition, we have produced new sounds (like Recorder and 35 note Female Voice) and have made the entire Chamberlin library available to Mellotron owners.

Improved Keyboard Action
Touch sensitivity on a Mellotron! People who have played a meticulously adjusted Mellotron know that you can get a different attack to the sound depending on how fast you press the key down. The new keyboard makes it much easier to achieve this effect and provides for a much more dynamic sounding instrument.

Lighter Overall Weight
Predominantly because of its modern, much lighter power supply, improved frame design and a baltic birch plywood cabinet, the total weight of the MkVI is less than a standard 400.
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