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Mellotron Micro

Mellotron Micro

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The Mellotron Micro is the smallest version available of the Digital Mellotron, and includes many of the features of the full-size version. It includes one hundred 24-bit uncompressed sounds sourced from original first-generation Mellotron and Chamberlin tape libraries. Sound Card 01 is the built-in library for the Micro and M4000D series of instruments. The 100 sounds are the sounds on the built-in Sound Card 01 of the Micro and M4000D series of instruments. An octave selector switch provides access across the same range as the larger M4000Ds from Micro’s two-octave keyboard. The semi-weighted keys and MIDI connections also allow the Mellotron Micro to be used as a high-quality controller in your studio or on the road. Additional controls include octave selector, volume, tone, normal/half-speed play and pitch adjustment. 

NOTE: expansion cards are NOT compatible with Mellotron Micro

To update your Micro Rev 2, please use the Mellotron Updater app (iOS and Android). This update process uses Bluetooth and takes less than 1 minute. The Rev 2 Micro is the revision without the SD slot in the back.

On the Rev 1 the SD slot is between the MIDI jacks and the Phones jack. The Rev 1 needs to be updated with an SD card. If you'd like to update your Rev 1 Micro, please fill out this form, or go to

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