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MG-1 Manual Gate Pushbutton & Mults module


  • $ 9000

The MG-1 manual gate pushbutton eurorack module uses a fast-acting arcade style pushbutton to route a input signal to one of two outputs or select one output from two input signals. When nothing is plugged into the "Input/Output" jack, a Gate signal appears alternatively at the "Up" and "Down" jacks when the pushbutton is pressed. When external signals are plugged into the "Input/Output" jack, they will appear alternatively at the "Up" and "Down" jacks replacing the gate signal. The two "Up" and "Down" LEDs show the active state of the jack and will show the signal level if a non-gate signal is used. If the module is used in the other direction, selecting from two sources such as two LFOs, the LEDs will show previews of the two sources. The MG-1 also offers a 4-way multiple patch section along with the manual pushbutton.

Module size = 8HP

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