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MMF-1 Multimode Filter


  • $ 000

The MMF-1 is an extremely flexible filter. The variable SPACING (bandwidth) and 2 variable resonance peaks make it possible to create various vocal-like sounds. The circuit design is 'state of the art' analog and the results are truly impressive.
  • Wide frequency range from 1 Hz to 25 kHz
  • Vital parameters such as CUTOFF, Q-PEAK and LEVEL output
  • Selectable 2, 4 and 6 poles
  • Low, high and band pass mode
  • Clean sound even in self oscillation mode
  • Ideal as "effect filter" with external sound material
  • Clean, yet "warm" and "smooth" sound
  • Low noise

The Multi Mode Filter offers 7 modes of operation:

  • Low pass
  • High pass
  • Band pass
  • Dual band pass 1
  • Dual band pass 2
  • Dual band pass 3
  • Notch

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