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MW1 Studio Tool

MW1 Studio Tool

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This is a demo unit that has seen just a few hours of use.

Creation Labs asked world renown engineer/producer Michael Wagener what one piece of gear he wanted in his studio to get the guitar tone he is famous for. Then they designed it. Now it is available to you!

The MW1 Studio Tool is the result of Michael Wagener's experience on more than 80 million records sold with his legendary guitar and bass tones. The MW1 Studio Tool gives musicians and engineers a full set of tone shaping features that Wagener has used over the years combined into a single piece of gear.

The MW1 Studio Tool is a multi-function Real-Ampingル device for use while recording, re-amplifying or playing live. It provides a transparent transformerless D.I., variable input/output impedance and other problem solving functions that make it easier to create that perfect sound for your mix.

What the Pro's are saying: "... this box makes recording guitars a 'dream come true'. It's the swiss army knife of guitar and bass recording."
-Russ Long in Pro Sound News January 2010- Essential tools for the personal studio: An engineer's survey

"I can't speak enough about the overall 'usefulness' of this unit. It's a killer multipurpose tool for recording guitar, bass and keys. The DI sounded tremendous..."

Pro Sound News - Product Review December 2007 issue - page 32. "The MW1 is a highly flexible studio tool that fosters creativity in any engineer/producer with its universal connectivity and level/impedance-matching abilities. I was able to configure the box in a variety of ways with no added noise or loss of tone."

Mix Magazine - Field Test - March 2008 issue - pages 32 & 34 "What the MW1 has done is totally streamline my guitar recording process. In one single-space rack box, Iメve got a high-end D.I., amp splitter, re-amp unit and a simple, great way to use my stompboxes in a mix."

Premier Guitar Magazine - March 2008 issue - page 116

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