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MX-4S 4-Channel VC Stereo Mixer


  • $ 82500

Mr. Cwejman informed us that this module is currently in production. It may be a few months because they are working on several other modules concurrently. If you'd like to be notified when this or other Cwejman modules are arriving, please contact (email) Stephi at . Thank you!


The MX-4S is a voltage controlled stereo mixer with four independent inputs. All parameters such as input gain, panning and output gain (both left and right channels output level are ganged) are controlled manually by knobs or associated CV inputs.

The mixer accept both DC and audio signals so it can be used for audio signals and control signals.
The LED bars displays the outgoing signals strength. The performances of the mixer such as low distortion and low noise, are superior thanks to "the state of the art" voltage controlled devices.

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