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NerdSeq Tracker Sequencer (Mix)

XOR Electronics

  • $ 62500

NerdSEQ is a voltage and trigger sequencer for eurorack modular synthesizers. It features 6 CV/Mod/Trigger tracks and up to 18 outputs. Additionally, there are 4 inputs, clock and reset inputs and outputs, 4 sample tracks, and a whopping 255 sequencer rows. All of this combines with the module's intuitive layout make it ideal for both studio and stage applications.

  • A full CV and Trigger sequencer based on oldschool trackers (like Fasttracker2, ImpulseTracker or LittleSoundDJ)
  • 18 outputs for CV and Trigger sequencing. CV's are free assignable for Note-scale and/or Modulations. 4 Multi purpose Inputs
  • 2 additional outputs for 4 sample tracks allow sample sequencing including special sample-FX

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