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NS-4 Noise Generator


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The NS-4 is a true analogue noise generator module with four noise/random signal outputs; Sample and Hold (S/H), White, Pink and Red.

The S/H generates a random signal controlled by two voltage controlled parameters; RATE and LAG (slew rate).
The RATE controls the period for every sample point from 10 seconds (0.1 Hz) to 2 millisecond (500Hz).
The LAG controls the slew rate of the incoming S/H signal from 0.1 Hz to 1000 Hz.
The outgoing signal is, in other words, filtered by a voltage controlled low pass filter with 12 dB/octave slope.
The S/H RATE and the S/H LAG can be controlled manually by knobs and by external signals (RATE CV and LAG CV). Rate generator can be sync-ed by an external signal and with any shape (S/H TRIG input).
The S/H can be also used for an external signal (EXT S/H) and the level of incomming signal is controlled manually (EXT S/H LEVEL).

WHITE noise
White noise is a full audio bandwidth noise generator.

PINK noise
Pink noise is a filtered white noise generator by 3dB/octave across the whole audio frequency range.

RED noise
Red noise is hard filtered and contains essentially only frequencies up to 200 Hz.

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