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Teenage Engineering OB–4 Magic Radio Speaker

Teenage Engineering OB–4 Magic Radio Speaker

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OB–4 is T.E.'s portable high-fidelity bluetooth loudspeaker featuring a 40 hour rechargeable battery. listen using line input, bluetooth, FM radio or disk mode. OB–4 memorizes everything you play on an endless looping tape, so you can rewind the radio and remix anything, all in OB–4. features a folding handle that doubles as a stand and extended antenna.

  • bluetooth, FM–signal, line-in and disk mode
  • 72 hrs radio listening on a single charge or 40 hours of listening via bluetooth
  • uv resistant paint
  • compatible with ortho remote and orthoplay app
  • dimensions: 232.5 x 284 x 57.5 mm

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