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Orion Escher Sketch Stylus Pad Controller

Orion Escher Sketch Stylus Pad Controller

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LZX Industries presents Escher Sketch, a touch/stylus pen controller for eurorack modular video synthesis applications that would make Yayoi Kusama proud. It sports a high resolution 5.7” drawing pad with X/Y positioning to corresponding voltage outputs. Additionally, it is equipped with directional velocity and pressure sensors. Step into infinity with Escher Sketcher.


  • Touch/stylus pen controller for video synthesis
  • High res 5.7” drawing pad
  • X/Y outputs
  • Directional velocity sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Includes stylus
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 36hp
  • Depth: 50mm
  • Current draw: 180mA @ +12V, 180mA @ -12V
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