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Orion Fortress 3-Bit Graphics Generator

LZX Industries

  • $ 69900


Fortress is a colorizer and reduced bit depth video pattern generator from LZX Industries. Essentially, Fortress is a full voice for modular video synthesizers. It features 3 oscillators, 3 ADC channels, and a variety of selectable programs. Its programs consist of Arithmetic, Shift Register, Weaver, Random, and Posterize. There are also several selectable output palettes: CGA, RGB, and a few other gradients.


  • Full video synthesis voice
  • 3x oscillators
  • 3x lo-fi ADC channels
  • Several selectable programs
  • Selectable output palettes
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 22hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 200mA @ +12V, 100mA @ -12V


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